The Holy Spirit and Our Call to Personal Excellence


Mick Turner

In those wonderful chapters of John’s gospel where Jesus introduces us to the coming gift of the Holy Spirit, we are given intimations of a wonderful blessing that is far too great to put into words. Whenever I think about the fact that one third of the Godhead remains in incarnation, living inside of me, I begin to shiver. I think few of us Christ-followers truly pause and think about the true wonder of this, not to mention its myriad implications.

 Scripture reveals that one of the primary functions of the Holy Spirit is to empower us to be the kind of people God has called us to be. Granted, experience has shown that we cannot live the kind of life that God calls us to under our own steam. We just don’t have the horsepower to do it. But God knows that and sent the Holy Spirit…

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Wise Words for Today


That is the trouble: we care too much about what the Bible says and not enough about what it means. We get too focused on the details of the law and not focused enough on the heart of the law. We have too many hard-liners and dictators of the faith and not enough people who are seeking to share the heart of Jesus. The church often seems to care more about rules than it does about people; doctrine, not Jesus, sits on the throne of their worship. Christ followers seem to have a hard time getting along with anyone who does not completely agree with their view of God. Any variation is considered “false teaching” or heresy, and the culprit treated as an enemy of the faith. . . . . God is not denominational. These distinctions don’t mean anything to Him. Churches spend time fighting and arguing over petty…

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Personal Authenticity and Spiritual Worldview


Mick Turner

Spiritual transformation is not so much a process of creating a “new you” – but instead, is about becoming the “real you.” As we increasingly grow “in Christ” we are led by the Holy Spirit into a deeper level of self-evaluation and, as the Spirit reveals to us both our strong and weak points, we gain understanding into who we are and why we do what we do. It is sometimes a painful process as we begin to see who and what we are behind the various masks we create. Still, this is a part of the process that we must undergo if we are to become useful vessels in God’s kingdom.

In essence, it is all about becoming a person of “authenticity.” An authentic person is a person who is guileless and consistently exhibits impeccable integrity. If more of us displayed just these traits, an absence of…

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The Dwindling Church: Can We Stop the Bleeding?


Mick Turner

For decades now, sociological research has indicated that organized Christianity in America is on the wane. Except in the non-urbanized areas of the Bible Belt, all of the old Mainline denominations like Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Disciples of Christ, Episcopalians and the United Church of Christ have undergone a mass exodus resulting in empty sanctuaries and boarded up doors and windows. Now, just a few months back, the Southern Baptist Convention, long the stalwart bastion of conservative Evangelicalism, has admitted to decreased membership and a dramatic drop in baptisms.

The reasons for this decline are myriad and analysis of these etiological factors is certainly beyond the scope of this short paper. Suffice to say that the Christian faith, as it is practiced in the West, has largely gone off the tracks. Granted, independent, non-denominational churches have grown in terms of membership rolls, as have some of the non-affiliated Charismatic…

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Mick Turner



I am an admitted book addict and have been an avid reader since childhood. I guess there are worse things one could be and, other than spending more than I should for books on occasion and having a head full of somewhat useless knowledge, I don’t think my life is any worse for wear as a result of my excessive reading.

I mention all this because I am going to do something I rarely do in these pages: I am going to recommend a series of books by a particular author. I normally shy away from doing this because I understand that readers have a wide range of tastes and, as a result, what appeals to one may not be pleasing to another. However, from time to time I run across a book, or in this case a group of books, that are so outstanding –…

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Mick Turner

If we ever hope to grow into the fullness of Christ as Paul promised we could, we not only have to imitate Christ. Although the “What Would Jesus Do?” teaching was both admirable and beneficial, it did not go to the core of the issue. If we want to manifest the character, the mind, and the heart of Jesus, we have to live as he lived. This means, among other things, that we have to practice the spiritual disciplines of our faith.


I am always fascinated by those folks who are threatened by the spiritual disciplines and especially those writers and teachers who warn us against practicing the disciplines. These folks go so far as to infer that the practice of spiritual disciplines is at best unscriptural and at worst, from the bowels of hell.


Nothing could be farther from the truth.


I don’t know…

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Christ’s Identity and Purpose – A Declarative Prayer

The Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Christ’s Identity and Purpose


Lord, I affirm and accept my status as a new creation in Christ and I thank you for making me a joint heir with your Son, Jesus Christ. I proclaim and also affirm that I am among the chosen, the fortunate ones you have selected as your holy and beloved.

Father, I thank you for piercing the darkness and searching for me and I especially thank you for your patient endurance in pursuing me, especially when I was fleeing and hiding from your Light.

I am eternally grateful my Father that you were steadfast in your love for me and that you found me, embraced me, and carried me out of this dark kingdom. I awakened in the brilliance of the One True Light which fills your glorious kingdom – indeed Lord, the New Canaan, the realm of your sinless Son who you loved even before the world began.

Dear Lord, I know in my mind and in my heart, and I affirm with my tongue and lips that you are the perfect, visible image of the invisible God and that when I look upon you, I behold the fullness and totality of God. I realize and affirm that to know you Lord Jesus, is to know the Almighty, the one true Creator – He who was, is, and is to come.

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the firstborn of the entire cosmos, the first person to appear in creation and that you are preeminent in all of it. All things visible and invisible were created by you, through you, and for you. You are the Originator and the Goal – the Creator as well as the Consummator – the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning and the end.

Lord Jesus Christ, you existed before time began as the eternal Son and you were before all things. The entire universe is held together in you and you are the cohesive force – the gravitational power that holds all created elements, seen and unseen, together. Without you, the entire universe would disintegrate.

It is you Dear Lord, the One True Light – Adonai – that gives meaning to all creation and all of life. Without you, there is no purpose, either universal or personal, for it is you Lord Jesus, that rose higher than the highest heaven, filling all things with your presence and your purpose. You are indeed the Way, the Truth, and the Light –

I thank you for adopting me into your Family of Light and I commit my life and my ways to you, your care, and your blessed Kingdom.

In the Holy Name of Jesus I pray,



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